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Empowering Families Affected by Gun Violence

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At the Jace Lee Scott Foundation, we are dedicated to providing compassionate support and practical resources to families devastated by gun violence. Founded in honor of Jace Lee Scott, whose life was tragically cut short, our mission is to guide grieving families through the harrowing journey of loss and empower them to rebuild their lives.


Our Mission

Empowering families devastated by gun violence, the Jace Lee Scott Foundation is dedicated to providing compassionate support and practical resources to survivors. Our mission is to guide grieving mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings, and communities through the harrowing journey of loss, ensuring they receive the understanding and assistance they deserve.

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College Student Support

Providing resources and assistance to college students grappling with grief.

Wind instrument music band making music on the street.

Youth Athletics Program

Supporting youth and high school students by providing baseball equipment and band instruments.

Stop violence against women. Help concept.

Advocacy and Awareness

Working to dismantle the barriers that hinder support and justice for all affected by gun violence.

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Welcome to the Jace Lee Scott Foundation Gallery, where images tell powerful stories of hope, resilience, and community.

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Whether you’re a survivor, a supporter, or someone looking to make a difference, there are many ways to get involved with the Jace Lee Scott Foundation. From volunteering your time to making a donation, every contribution helps us support families affected by gun violence and work towards our vision of a safer, more compassionate world.